29 Mayıs 2011 Pazar


Suzuki Satria F150, Transexual

First performed necessarily change the context. Frame standards must be rested if you want to form a true sport that is characterized by a complete order form with deltabox.

Such frame design easy. Live life have a Suzuki FXR. Moreover, motor sport 150 cc cylinder capacity existed despite discontinue alias no longer manufactured by Suzuki Indonesia, "said Ariawan Wijaya, explain the tricks he does.

Another advantage of using the framework of the Suzuki FXR engine mounting position is not too much different for Satria F-150 engine. "That way, no need to be bothered again by making a stand or handle the new engine if it makes re-order. For the sake of comfort while riding, the handle of the machine must be patent so as not to vibrate," said the father of this child.

Ari said it seems less sure if the problem of major components like the handle of this machine made it all new or re contrived. For indeed, if not quite fit or inclined position and is not center with the order also pengangan legs can prove fatal.

Something else that be an advantage to replacing the framework of earlier is to tank. FXR gas tank could have utilized. "Since wearing the same tank with deltabox, is secure. Lessen affairs that sometimes one can also make complicated," added the owner of the shop on Jl. West Palmerah, West Jakarta.

But let's standard tank in accordance with the desired streetfighter concept, some parts of the shape of re dimodifiaksi to fit the theme. Said the man from Apex, Central Java, the redesigned tank with fiberglass and then used as a kind of condom. But the condom is made off with the original tank on the inside.

While the framework for the back, then Ari recreate using seamless pipe. "The shape is made quite a bit nungging and also shorter than the original version," added Ari is again a lot of this order. Then to continue to use the fiberglass body. With form like this, then the identity tongkrongan or style duck ala Hyperunderbone Satria F-150 is lost already.

Main Arm Cut

Because you want to display the motor macho and manly figure, Ari felt the need to have total reform for the affairs of the legs. Waste gampang.Selama moge most obvious choice is the budget to buy it, certainly not a problem.

However, pairs of swing arm Suzuki GSX 1000 was not the case easy. "Because, moge arm that would put into the framework of the duck is still considered too wide," beber Ari from New Motor Sport.

Consequently swing arm that sent relented. "We modified suzuki satria the front or the handle to the frame to be smaller. Of course there are goals and objectives. Namely, Agara arm had been able to enter and stay safe. That way, there must be consequences to be borne. Arm so baseball could be used or had moved into the motor different, "beber modifiers as well as the owner of this Australian graduates