28 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi



gambar modifikasi skydrive airbrush
The virus or trend of Thai Look (TL) is very phenomenal. Later, almost all brands and types of adaptation skubek try this style. No matter what body design fits or not, the important young Thai-style show. modifikasi suzuki skydrive thailand style is trend in 2011

For example, Suzuki SkyDrive this. It belongs Skubek Bose. For the whole process of change that , Bose took this bike on a modifier that does understand the flow TL earlier. Precisely workshop Billy Speed ​​(BS) in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

Although the body is classified gambot bin width, but still forced to look like a virus that developed earlier. "At first baseball could have thought fit, too, but with variations that fit the selection of appropriate outcome, "said Arief Billy the modifier

modifikasi skydrive thailand style
As a first step, of course, there turn of the wheel rim. "It is characteristic of the TL is on the rim, which does not use the rim and ring width of 17 inches,"continued this bespectacled man.

If you have not done anything like this it's not deemed worthy of embracing the flow TL. "Fortunately now there are many variations rim supporting modifications like this," added Billy again.

With so many choices before, of course, can not be home when it would replace the rim. There are a few tips to readers trying to be Billy MOTOR Plus.

"First, because the rim is now a colorful, please select the kelirnya support the theme," said modifiers are expert in making motors for such fashion class. This is evident from a couple of times participated contes modifikasi and always be the best in class fashion.