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BMW 7-Series Cars With Specification And Prices With Reviews and Images


Upcoming BMW 7-Series Cars With Specification And Prices With Reviews and Images.
BMW 7-Series CarsBMW 7-Series CarsBMW 7-Series Cars

BMW 7 Series takes luxury, styling and driving dynamics to new heights. The engine of this sedan provides a satisfying surge of power, with smoothest gearshifts. It boasts of interiors that have been quipped with opulent atmosphere.

BMW 7-Series  Engine
BMW 7 Series sedan offers both petrol and diesel-driven vehicles. The 740Li variant is powered by 4000 cc 8-cylinders petrol engine, which delivers a power of 225 kW @ 6300 rpm and torque of 390 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The 750Li variants comes equipped with a 4799 cc 8-cylinders engine, which churns out a power of 270 kW @ 6300 rpm with a peak torque of 490 Nm @ 3400 rpm.

BMW 7-Series  Design And Comfort
The coupe-like silhouette of BMW 7 Series sedan astounds the spectator at the very first glance. The frontage of the car is adorned by sleek streamlined double headlights, with clear lens fog lamps on the body colored bumpers and the trademark double-kidney shaped radiator grille.

BMW 7-Series  Safety
The advanced safety system of BMW 7 Series sedan includes modern sensor technology, which ensures maximum protection to the occupants.

BMW 7-Series  Engines
Type In-line, 4V, Petrol Engine (740Li, 750Li) 12 cylinder in line, 4 valve per cylinder (760Li)
Number Of Cylinders 6 (730Ld) 8 (740Li and 750Li) 12 (760Li)
Displacement 4000 cc (740Li) 4799 cc (750Li) 5972 cc (760Li) 2993 cc (730Ld)
Transmission 6 Gears, Automatic
Max. Power 225 kW @ 6300 rpm (740Li) 270 kW @ 6300 rpm (750Li) 327 kW @ 6000 rpm (760Li) 160 kW @ 4000 rpm (730Ld)
Max. Torque 390 Nm @ 3500 rpm (740Li) 490 Nm @ 3400 rpm (750Li) 600 Nm @ 3950 rpm (760Li) 500 Nm @ 1750 rpm (730Ld)

BMW 7-Series cars have been one of the top-notch contenders in the segment of full-size luxury class sedans.

They’ve dominated the marketed big time, and the key features of the latest generation BMW 7 series are its amazing passenger and cargo room, quietness and acceleration.

BMW 7-Series CarsBMW 7-Series Cars2009 BMW 7 Series