30 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

BMW M5 Hurricane-RR 2010 With Specification And Prices


G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane-RR 2010 With Specification And Prices With Reviews And Pictures Images.

BMW now presents the BMW M5 Hurrican RR. With casual designs as well as luxury cars should make this more attractive. Interior design in harmony with the exterior make this a spectacle Hurrican streets.
G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS engine G-POWER twin-compressor 750 kilowatts hp/551, which set a record for the fastest sedan “Powered World” on 367.4 kilometers per hour in the spring of 2010, A G-POWER again. But now with 372 km per hour, with this objective in mind, the development has begun for the new RR HURRICANE developments with 800 hp.

The pre-compressed air from the cool charger for optimum performance. A complex aluminum castings – painted orange G POWER – replaces the standard air box in the upper part of the engine and its consumption is directly responsible for the spontaneous response, the G-POWER gives the engine its unique response and torque more. The two magazines called ASA Q1-313 were replaced by large-ASA Q1 316 units. Both are driven by a belt and not each bank of cylinders have air charge.