28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

BMW Z4 M E85 2008 With Specification And Prices


G-Power BMW Z4 M E85 2008 With Specification And Prices With Reviews And Pictures Images.

When we talk about sports car from BMW, one would not fail to recognize the popular BMW Roadster which follows the line of BMW body from the past such as Z1, Z3, and Z4 with body type E-30, E-36/7 and E-89 respectively. Z4 is a rear wheel drive sports car that replaces Z3 and started its first production in 2002 which includes roadsters and coupes.

From these series of roadsters, BMW has brought us the Z4M coupe’ which has an acceleration speed of 100 kph with in 4.8 seconds powered by a slightly detuned 3.2 liter BMW M3 CSL six cylinder straight engine. It is a hard-top version of the Z4 M roadster. This car is limited edition as there are only 200 units per year to produce by the manufacturer making it a rare car to be seen on the street