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Modifications Suzuki Satria Fu 150 Pictures


Modifications Suzuki Satria Fu 150 Pictures

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 Gaya Artistik 2010

Motor suzuki satria, modifikasi motor, stock systems, replacement exhaust, bike collection, aftermarket exhaust, motor bike, power delivery, improvements, wheel, suzuki, oe, shock, It is the latest modification of suzuki satria fu, which is so cool enough to complete our motor suzuki satria bike collection.look at the back wheel of this motor bike it is using single shock. Two things have happened in recent years, though. First, the OE systems have become significantly lighter and capable of flowing almost as much volume as aftermarket systems.Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu Gaya Artistik

Because of the improvement in stock systems, you can no longer count on instan-taneous double-digit percentage of power increase after mounting an aftermarket exhaust. Similarly, replacement exhaust manufacturers have become more socially conscious in their approach to making less noise with their systems while still offering improvements in power delivery.it look so beautiful, but it will not stable when we ride it.

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i am confuse determining the name of this motor bike, because it so complicated. when i watch the color of this motor bike it is closed with military style but is have a straight line. another possibilities it is looked like the leaf of the bamboo in japan. The 2008 Suzuki B-King has also been introduced. The styling is similar to the original concept. It has new 1340cc, DOHC liquid-cooled, 16 valve engine featuring a gear-driven counter balancer for even smoother operation.it’s very complicated suzuki satria motor bike.