21 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 2000 Sporty Style

Gambar Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 2000 Sporty Style

Components updated with the suspension legs qualified. Sok fronted up-side down the front of Taiwan non brand, complete with triangle top underneath. From the manufacturer, cuman researched for Tiger. "So when dikanibal in the Pulsar, the holder of a triangle as komstir must be enlarged more to follow as komstir Pulsar diameter greater than us komstir Tiger," explained Hendro.

Similarly, the model banana swing arm, originally meant for Tiger. By construction have in common, ie swinging arm flanking the framework. "To play as his front wheel is symmetrical we just add the rear ring of 1 mm and 2 mm left to the right on the side of the arm swing," Nino pointed Anugerah Motor mechanic.

Reflection of the suspension that qualified, entrusted to the short dimension YSS 28 cm. "Because, holder monosok adopt the conventional model does not use his position more popped Unitrack and so fitting disposable 28 cm," said Mahfud an indicator of Koso's apply.

Not only that, the device also declared the best discs of 32 cm Tacobell floating calipers with master Beringer. "To get a more compact caliper arms, the configuration of the brake hose from naple dicabang master directly. So out of two hoses brake master directly, "explained Nino.

Wheels pengelinding, selected profiles to fit the slightly larger twin engine spark Pulsar character. Swallow wear front and back in front and 120/70-17 size 160/60-17, flanking the wheel profile Okinawa 300-17, and 400-17.

For additional accessories, exhaust apply Mahfud cc GSX-R600 secondhand dibandrol 4 million from Jakarta. Who's head picked up variations Hayabusa lamp, side by side with TDH Sein and Acerbis handguard. Shhh under the engine, let the more densely added V-Ixion owned radiator.

Knalpot : GSX-R600 cc, SOK DPN : Up side down, CAKRAM DPN ; Tacobell, MASTER / KALIPER DPN ; Beringer / Ride It, SWINGARM : Banana Arm, SOK BLK : YSS, CAKRAM BLK ; Tacobell, KALIPER / MASTER : Beringer / TDR., BAN DPN : Swallow 120/70-17, BAN BLK : Swallow 160/60-17, Radiator : V-Ixion, LAMPU DPN: Hayabusa variasi, LAMPU SIGN ; TDH, FILTER UDARA / SPION : Koso, BIAYA MODIF : Rp 20 jutaan, LAMA MODIF : 2 bulan, MODIFIKATOR : Anugerah Motor - Jl. Raya Kedung Asem 113 Surabaya - 081-230472975.