16 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Modifikasi Motor Supra Fit Upside-Down Racing Sportbike

Supra Fit modifikasi, upside-down, modifikasi motor body racing balap dan ekor tawon kombinasi cat airbrush, swing-arm balap dan knalpot racing aksesoris modif.
 Modifikasi Motor Supra Fit Upside Down Racing Sportbike
Supra fit racing with its modifikasi upsidedown, the modifikasi motor supra fit is likely to arrive on the Modifikasi Motor market with a range of standard engines, sportbike option similar to what’s used on the swing-arm aksesoris and Velg motor gede.

The decision to provide the new model with what  as “Racing Body” styling and standard also paves the way for an outwardly sporting variant from Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra Fit, the same division responsible for the modification diverse range of racing body models.