16 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash Retro Kinclong

Modif kinclong ni, gila modifikasi motor suzuki smash retro part two. Modifikasi motor smash gaya retro kinclong merah putih custom, modifikasi smash unik style.
Modifikasi+suzuki+smash Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash Retro Kinclong
While Underground Racing modification motorcycle that modificator has done a great job with the retro custom, the suzuki smash retro part two based suzuki smash standard low rider. And what may that “Suzuki Smash 110” be, we hear you ask? Why a retro style, or even better, how about suzuki sportbike?

Modifikasi Motor retro will develop a new retro sportbike style that will be fitted to the body, and part, while the other suzuki retro modification 2 body sportbike will be a more comprehensive modifikasi motor update, including a custom built bodylant and paint motorcycle. More photos and videos alongside with modifikasi motor suzuki part modifikasi motor