8 Mayıs 2011 Pazar

Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2010

Modifikasi Motor Vixion - Technology and style are the two keywords that are most appropriate to describe this one of Yamaha products. 3 Years after the first launch in 2007, this year the Yamaha V-Ixion alter his appearance became more manly and aggressive.

Starting in 2010, PT. Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Yamaha introduced the new face of the V-Ixion more modern and aerodynamic. Changes made by YMKI on Yamaha V-Ixion view this arguably would greatly affect the appearance of the face and motor sport in 2009 successfully won three awards at once, as "Best Handling", "Best Feature & Technology" from MR. Automotive Award Testo tabloid version, and the award for "Motor Sport" the best 191-249cc class "IMOTY Motorev Magazine Award in 2009. "Modifikasi Motor Vixion" can you see here: