19 Nisan 2011 Salı

2010 Audi S4

The 2010 Audi S4 Premium plus Quattro available with 4 door sedan AWD. The major attractions for this luxurious car are impressive in fuel economy, roomy backseat, excellent handling, and fantastic supercharged V 6 engine along with additional high quality interiors. The introduction of the new "3.0 T engine‘s is awesome and is apparently distinguish from the first burst if acceleration. The supercharged label of T on the car is wrong and hence it does not provide any such mechanism.

During our 2010 Audi S4 review, the car surprised us with its remarkable prodigious low end torque and responsiveness, in addition to its invigorating sound track and free-rewing nature. The V 8 engine powered in the car is slightly better than the previous model by producing few tenths faster speed of 60 mph. it is also good enough in handling due to the low weight mechanism used in the new version of car. Initially we found that the A4 engines based totally on S4 and is proportionally related to BMW 335i. The Base price for the 2010 Audi S4 is $ 46, 000 and is perfectly positioned for the autobahn bruisers. The only heretics for this car are who still don't understand that there is actual replacement for the displacement done in this car.

The 2010 Audi S4 is totally powered by the 3.0 supercharged V 6 engine which delivers 333hp along with 325 pound ft torque level in the car. It includes standard features of six speed manual and dual clutch automatic manual transmission as the optional. The top speed for this car is 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and also can rose to 106.1 mph in 4.9 seconds. There is also manual transmission of 335i sedan which allows the car to clear in just 5.3 seconds for 60 mph and 103.8 mph in 13.5 seconds. Through the slalom course tested by the car founded that it offers 60 mph in 109 feet.

The performance of the car is quite impressive, as the speed picked up by the sedan is truly amazing specially when driving on the highways and back to the tearing roads. The comfort mode offers you quite good driving when compared with the dynamic mode. The Contemporary standards drawn by thin rimmed are rather the steering wheel, but as far as the shape of the S 4's is concerned it is quite good and nicely falls on the hand for driving. The seats of the car are good enough offering prominent features for the outboard passengers. The head room and the leg room are better than the 335i, as who are carrying multiple planning for regular passengers.
The gauges of the Audi S4 are attractive and clear, also offering straightforward controls keys on the dash boards. The Navigation system used in the car is fairly good enough and is user friendly. The Multi Media Interface (MMI) placed in the functions key operates other routes that are been control by the navigation system. The navigation used in the car is quite advanced than the previous one with addition of joystick like button that is been used for standard knob so as to enhanced the various function of the maps. The Olufsen Stereo and Prestige package's Bang offers amazing sound system and is also available at reasonable price of $ 850.

The interiors of the car are excellent with the use of good quality materials and stylish look that surpasses the interior design in the 3 series. It also features the standard safety measure like Antilock Brakes, Airbags (front, side, head and knee), Traction and stability controls, electronic brake enhancements, roll over protection, emergency Assistance system and NHTSA Roll over.

The drive select system present in the 2010 Audi S4 sedan offers four modes of steering effort, suspension firmness and throttle response. The car offers stunning gadgets which will be loved by the fans and just who believes for honest performance, then they should go for Standard S4's sports tuned are just fine for calibration.
2010 Audi S42010 Audi S4