16 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

2010 BMW M3

MSRP Range: $33,250 - $46,
| Value Rating: 
Fuel Economy: 19 MPG city / 27
MPG highway
Bodystyles: Convertible, Coupe, Sedan
Engines: 3.7L V6

The G model by Infiniti is now in its second generation; the sedan, coupe or convertible configurations are available. The Infiniti G has a luxurious cabin, exceptional driving dynamics, and superb acceleration. The vehicle has a 3.7 Liter V-6 motor married to one of two trannys: the six-speed manual gearbox or the seven-speed, downshift, rev-matching, automatic gearbox. The former gearbox is offered with paddle shifters crafted out of magnesium.
The coupe and sedan configurations are fitted with ATESSA ET-S All Wheel Drive for car buyers demanding excellent on the road grippage. The G also comes in a convertible configuration too; it has a hardtop, smooth folding roof that opens or closes in roughly thirty seconds. All configurations have an engine offering 325 horsepower. The G conquers zero-to-sixty in 6 seconds and gets 24 mpg.
The Infiniti G has an optional package offering eighteen or nineteen-inch alloy wheels, speedy steering, and high performance, four-wheel disc brakes. The G is crafted to compete with the 3 Series by BMW and car buyers will find that G less expensive than the competition....