16 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour 2010 Toyota Venza

The front grille's may the most upsetting part of the front designs with the Crosstour's being especially oversized.

This is where Honda pissed people off. The sloping roofline made Facebook users ask "Where's the rest of it?" They have a good point considering it reduces interior volume and gains nothing but visual appeal. But if someone is shopping for a wagon in the first place, visual appeal isn't exactly their first priority. Toyota keeps a more orthodox profile but angles the rear rather than the roof.
Due to the reduced visibility of the sloping rear, Honda added a second tinted window like on the Insight and Prius. The Venza's taillights might be the best part of the design with a unique shape that flow into the sculpted rear fenders

The Accord Crosstour debut was a debacle. Honda decided to present it to Facebook first where it met angry and disgruntled users who didn't find the design amusing at all. The Crosstour is based on the Accord but you would never know if they didn't stick Accord in the name.
Although the Venza is based on the Camry, Toyota chose a new name unlike Honda which was a wise choice. The look is completely different and like Honda, decides to put a oversized grille on the front. The Venza has a softer look than the Crosstour with smoother lines