16 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

2011 Honda Odyssey vs 2011 Toyota Sienna

Honda has answered Toyota's stylishly redesigned Sienna with a stylish minivan of their own, the 2011 Honda Odyssey. You could even say they've gone one step further in enticing minivan buyers by giving the Odyssey some visual flair. It's odd that the Odyssey is the first to preview Honda's new direction in design but it's nice to see some originality in an unoriginal segment. The Odyssey and Sienna remain the two powerhouses among minivans featuring loads of technology, thoughtful engineering, and intriguing designs

Up front, there's not much going on with the Odyssey. The front end wears a sleeker front end compared to the previous gen with wider headlights connected to the grille similar to the new Honda Accord Crosstour. The Sienna wears its headlights in the same fashion with visual connection to the upper grille but with a little more sculpture giving the Sienna a more interesting looking front end. The Odyssey's headlights are noticeably smaller than the previous generation and seem better fitting for Honda's other models such as the Accord or Civic rather than the Odyssey. It does however bring the Odyssey more in line with Honda's emerging corporate face. The Sienna has less resemblance to other Toyota models wearing a unique face that's arguably better than other Toyota's such as the Venza. The grille is sharp and eye-catching and there's a good amount of curves creating distinctive surfaces. Toyota has even included an SE trim with sportiness in mind (as oxymoronic as that sounds when talking about minivans). The SE version sports a more aggressive front end, side skirts, smoked taillights, and 19-inch wheels.