4 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

2012 Acura TL test drive

The Bottom Line
When the Acura TL debuted in 2009, the big story was the front-end styling, which was, if I'm going to be polite, controversial. (If I'm not going to be polite, I'd say it was rather ugly.) For 2012, Acura has made a host of improvements, first and foremost being a new front fascia (link goes to photo) that de-emphasizes the grille, along with a new rear bumper that makes the back end look slimmer. Other improvements include a 6-speed automatic transmission in place of last year's 5-speed, markedly better fuel economy, and a quieter cabin. Even setting aside the styling, I've never been a huge fan of the Acura TL -- so will the improved 2012 version win me over? Read on.2012 Acura TL
2012 Acura TL