18 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

2012 Mustang Boss 302S finally unveiled.


Boss Mustang 302S
Last time I checked, amateur racers on a budget had a hard time spending close to $80,000 on a race car. The grassroots racing movement is so because it’s made up of enthusiasts and hobbyists who flog there cars on the weekends, therefore it concerns me when I see things like this new Ford Mustang Boss 302S. The cars itself is a pretty hairy unit that will give Mustang enthusiasts everything they’ll need to go out an play on track with the big boys. Developed by Ford Racing the new Boss 302S is said to be one pretty competitive package according to Engineering Manager at Ford Racing, Mark Wilson.
“The enthusiasts who purchase the BOSS 302S will be competitive in both the World Challenge GTS and the NASA American Iron Series. We look forward to adding their names to the BOSS 302′s racing history.”

Boss Mustang 302S
The Boss 302S has 440 hp on tap from its Boss 5.0-liter V8, a light weight body that is void of any interior panels and or sound deadening materials, a 6 point FIA legal roll cage, as well as 6-point safety belt, RECARO HANS Pro-Racer race seat, and AIM data acquisition system with GPS. All pretty trick stuff for any race car. Plus you can also order the car from Ford dealers that participate in the Ford Racing Performance Parts program. I have no doubt that these cars will do everything that Ford says, my only hope though is that these cars actually get into the hands of the teams that actually need them