19 Nisan 2011 Salı

BMW 5 series car

The BMW 5 series car was first launched in the market in 1972. The sixth generation BMW 5 comes with Sedan and Touring body styles. The name 5 series came into existence by being fifth of the ‘new series' cars. The 5 series was made to replace the older six sedans. The body of this car was designed by Marcello Gandini with basics of BMW Garmisch.

To differentiate between the six generations of the 5 series they are given a unique Chassis numbers termed as EXX or FXX. BMW 5 Series began the tradition of naming cars with 3-digit number. The main distinguishing difference is that the first digit represents the model and the next two digits represent the size of the engines. The letters after the digits define the fuel type and engine or transmission detail.


BMW 5 2

BMW 5 1

The midsize/executive model BMW 5 is wide and full of new technology. The car is faster and efficient with enough stability. Once you get behind the wheel of this car and ignite its engine you will get shocking pleasure. BMW 5 gives you the driving excitement.

The instrument panel and most of the secondary controls are outstanding. The standard seating in the model is designed for comfort and the Sports seats which are optional and easily adjustable. It even gives more space and room which ultimately results in a comfortable ride. Rear seat passengers are not left out without entertainment because they can watch TV, surf the internet and play games by plugging in to the headphones that avoids disturbances to others.

A new system, called the Speed Limit Display is another cool feature about the BMW 5 Series. This system keeps the driver informed on the maximum permitted speed limit. The new and user friendly navigation system is another handy tool inside the car because 10.2 inch high resolution display provides clear and detailed information.

Searching to park your car especially crowded malls is a nuisance. Therefore BMW has come up with Parking Assistance in 5 series helps you not only to search for a parking place but also where to park.

All these facilities inside such a reasonable and executive car is sure to make you go for a drive and you will find that your ride was not just comfortable but also luxurious.