20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Bremach T Rex EV

EV Bremach T Rex - the first electric utility offroad American entrepreneurs can appeal to environmentalists Bremach T Rex model, a competitor of famous overseas European Unimog. For now Bremach T Rex is also offered in a version of electric propulsion. Unimog is famous utility vehicle which dreams about any company or local government due to its great capabilities, but also the many changes that you can receive, depending on the "job" site you need to do. But customers prefer other cars in America - for example Bremach T Rex. T Rex Bremach EV is the first extreme-duty utility with purely electric propulsion Here, however, that Americans from getting ahead Brenach Unimog competitor in unconventional propulsion: T Rex Bremach EV is the first such proposed utility electric powered. This is the fourth version of the drive on top of a conventional V8 gasoline engine, a natural gas powered engine and a CNG hybrid. The electric motor's T Rex Bremach EV does not seem impressive, especially if we consider a mass greater than 3 tons and payload of about 4 tons. Electric motor power is 100 kW (136 hp), but engineers say the main advantage is that the maximum torque available even at 0 rpm, which together with The advanced 4x4 system, T Rex EV's confers enviable performance in difficult terrain. T Rex's engine Bremach EV has only 136 horsepower, but torque available from 0 rpm gives unbeatable performance in difficult terrain. For energy storage is used lithium-ion battery pack, which, in theory, provide a theoretical range of 200 miles (about 320 km). In practice, depending on destination, equipment and vehicle load, Bremach engineers say they have obtained in the test values ​​between 75 and 150 miles (120-240 km), which should be enough for most customers of such utility vehicle from "extreme-duty." Bremach T Rex's price is quite high: the basic version costs 120.000 USD (about 84,000 euros), increasing the amount depending on the type of chassis and cab or various accessories and equipment. However, those in Bremach are confident in the success of their model, offering a guarantee of three years or 30,000 miles (about 50,000 km), plus a maintenance program that uses oils and organic lubricats SynLube (used by NASA).  In theory, T Rex Bremach EV has a maximum range of over 300 km thanks to lithium ion batteries .