18 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

A Concept With a Mohawk


Citroën is brilliantly batshit. But to truly reach new heights of insanity, it had to hit up the Royal College of Art in London. This is the winner of the automaker’s Double Challenge contest, the E-3POD. And it looks like the head of a Corythosaurus.
The E-3POD was designed by Master’s student Heikki Juvonen. And it has some explaining to do. First, the driver sits in a pod at the center of a giant hub-less wheel. The front wheels are also sans hubs and sport what looks to be transparent hubcaps.
The concept car’s structure is made from conjured carbon nanotubes and pure whimsey to reduce its theoretical weight. The ultra-skinny tires also reduce rolling resistance for added efficiency. Forward visibility is almost completely blocked by a wicked-awesome crest, adding a new level of danger and excitement to the daily commute.
Juvonen says the car is aimed at young daredevils (commuters, actually) or people looking for a city runabout. He also says the car could be made in several large molded pieces (I’m making that up) to reduce manufacturing costs.
In all honesty, Citroën probably picked the E-3POD because it is beyond a doubt one of the craziest concepts ever dreamed up. And, of course, to get attention. Well Citroën, it worked