11 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

Disruptive technologies: The hydraulic fuel cell hybrid

Disruptive technologies are certain to become a major aspect of the auto industry in coming years and technologies like hydraulic hybrids, especially hydraulic fuel cell hybrids, could make the battery revolution far less necessary.
Breaking out of the transportation box

Is the battery really the future of the auto industry?

In my opinion the key to US energy independence, as well as a vibrant US auto industry, will be disruptive technologies. Consequently, something like auto-drive, I believe, offers the potential to change everything about transportation in ways we can barely imagine.
Of course, there are many other disruptive technologies out there as well, such as batteries, carbon fiber or photovoltaics. And recently, I’ve wondered more and more if hydraulics, particularly hydraulic fuel cell hybrids, could become a disruptive technology.