18 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

Glasgow Kiss: One Bad-Ass Bobber.


I’ve never been huge into custom choppers, in fact I think most of the ones out there roaming the streets are completely hideous. Gaudy paint jobs and mass amounts of chrome generally ruin what are otherwise beautiful cruising machines. Sometimes however a bright spot shows up and when that happens I feel that I must bring it to everyone’s attention. This drop dead stunner is called the “Glasgow Kiss” and it was crafted by one Robbie Kerr, owner of Kootenay Motorcycle Art in Canada. The inspiration for this mad machine came from Robbie’s love of the 1945 Harley Davidson Flathead. His goal was to craft a new age interpretation of that machine complete with a unique feel and modern performance.

Glasgow Kiss
You’ll notice that everything on the Glasgow Kiss is over sized. For instance the frame was constructed of 1 3/4? tubing, the wheels are massive 18-incher’s with a 280 mm in front and a 300 mm in the rear. And how about that front fork tubing for the springer front end… that was made from massive 2 1/2? tubes. Look closely at the details in this machine and you’ll notice that it truly is a work of art. The split fuel tank with custom recesses for the cylinder heads, the machined front spindle and masterful frame gives the bike the appearance that it was milled out of a solid block of metal.
Glasgow Kiss
Powering the Glasgow Kiss is a 120-inch JIMS motor that is equipped with an S&S carburetor and altered rocker boxes that were specifically designed to clear the gas tank as well as the top of the frame. Shifting is done via a 5-speed Baker RSD transmission. Mr. Kerr then decided to finish off the bike with a matte blue paint with semi gloss used for the outlying components. Like I said, I’m not big into custom choppers, but this sucker definitely gets me all amp’d up.