13 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

The Green Car Difference between Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Cars

The Green Car Difference between Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Cars

Two Types of Green Cars: Fuel Cell Cars and Electric Vehicles
There is a big push from car companies and consumers across the nation to invest in green cars. This green car movement is caused by a combination of the desire to lower individual gas costs with the interest in creating a cleaner planet. Green cars reduce the amount of gas that is used and also reduce the amount of pollution put out by the car. However, there are different types of green cars and most people don't yet understand which are the best for achieving these green goals.

Electric Vehicles
 Electric vehicles are currently the favorite green car investment. These are cars that basically run on batteries which means that they require little or no fuel to be operational. Because you aren't using fuel, you aren't paying for gas. However, electric vehicles obviously require the use (and cost) of electricity.

Fuel Cell Cars
 Fuel cell cars are green cars which use energy conversion from different fuels to create power. There are several different types of fuel cell cars being made today, the most popular of which is the hydrogen fuel cell car. These green cars typically produce very little pollution and so are favored by people who are primarily concerned with the waste output of their vehicles.

Watching the Green Car Develop
 The one thing that car consumers today should know is that a lot of the technology that is starting to hit the market is relatively new. This means that there is the potential for a lot of change to happen with green cars in the years to come. Those people who are truly interested in saving costs and reducing pollution will want to aim to keep themselves aware of green car developments over time.