4 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

In the Driver's Seat of the GMC Yukon


2007 GMC Yukon SUV
This may be the Yukon's biggest area of improvement over previous editions. GMC engineers and designers claim that they benchmarked European luxury car interiors when designing the Yukon's interior, and it shows. The Yukon has the most car-like front dash and seating area of any big SUV, and material quality has taken a giant step forward. The dash in particular is constructed of a buttery plastic that is solid and pleasant to the touch -- nice choice! The faux wood is good quality, and there's aluminum trim spread around the dash. The big steering wheel is in proportion to the vehicle, and houses the usual audio and cruise control buttons. Beneath the dash's arched brow, big, clear analog gauges give the necessary information, and a small LED window provides driver information. A very tidy package. The seats themselves are supportive and generous. Power operation is available, as are heated leather seating surfaces. There's plenty of storage up front in a center console. You can trade out the captain's seats and console for a three-across bench in front if you really need the room.
The center and third row seats are also available as three-across bench or two across captain's seats. Save the third row for young kids and short trips.