25 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

Lexus CT 200h


CT 200h 2010 Lexus Geneva.  The first Lexus hatchback, CT 200h Lexus model, which will cross swords with the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series has been exposed to the world now officially less formal after exposure. CT 200h 2010 Lexus Geneva . CT Lexus 200h, Lexus surprise in Geneva in 2010, there is already a surprise for it was originally given away for a brochure in which the model presented in all its glory  and now even Lexus is officially introduced, quite succinctly. Derived from the LF-Ch concept, this model seems to retain an original prototype character, but from certain angles without somehow Toyota Auris. Compared to the hatchback May populist Lexus CT200h elevation is 4,320 mm in length, is longer by approx ,80 mm, but is considerably shorter than the Toyota Prius (140 mm). Compared with the main models that will rival, Lexus hatch is more "corpulent" having a width of 1,765 mm. and a height of 1430 has a wheelbase hatchback mm.For even considerably, 2.600 mm, which would translate into a spacious cabin. The boot has a volume of 345 liters is quite generous for a compact premium.  The interior is quite austere, classical details, even if I may say so, those wanting to make a Lexus model typical female spouses of Lexus owners. The dashboard has an asymmetrical design is proportioned over two floors, the top LCD display and the bottom selector gearbox and Lexus Remote Touch interface, located on the driver.  Speaking of Lexus hybrid propulsion system, first violin was 1.8 VVT-i engine and an electric power mate. Power is not specified exactly, but in the booklet states that this model will have three operating modes: Eco, Normal and Sport and will prove that hybrids can be athletes. The transmission will be a continuous variable, called E-CVT. A European premiere for Lexus range and the introduction of the first platform is FWD (front wheel drive), which might go down a smaller SUV.  The launch will be registered in Geneva in 2010, Lexus opportunity to retain details of this dynamic model, yet having embargoed dynamic figures of the first Lexus hatchback.