20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Lexus LF-Ch

Lexus LF-Ch - Official information
Lexus will soon raise the quality of the premium compact segment to a new level with a new model that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Premium compact segment is one of the hottest right now, and Lexus could not ignore especially if it wants to sell substantially outside the U.S., particularly in Europe, recently said Lexus Europe Division chief. Thus, Lexus plans to compete with BMW and Audi and their 1 Series and A3. From what it seems but this model will target far enough, to be a high-performance hybrid, along with a sporty hatchback. Also, according to Best Car Magazine, this model will go into production as CT200h. This hybrid hatchback valences addition, plans to raise the performance bar high enough, and rumor is that the top version will be animated by a 3.5 liter engine. The new compact model from Lexus will use a technical platform provided by the Auris, but many we can find around the Motor Show in Frankfurt. The first pictures were not very relevant in the outline and proportions, but as we see has a profile very aggressive and bold forms, with a very pronounced C-pillar. Also see the inside, which looks quite sporty but has many specific items and concepts not know how many will reach the production model.