20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Mercedes A-Class E-Cell

A-Class Mercedes E-Cell - official data.
At the Paris Motor Show 2010 will be presented the world premiere, the new version clean Mercedes A-Class E-Cell. Too bad there's still a great machine series, accessible to as many
In late summer, Daimler AG announced that the 2010 Paris Motor Show, we have the opportunity to see, the world's first electric model A-Class Mercedes E-Cell, a machine zero emissions. "
Do not speak of a concept but a production model, but unfortunately not a large series.Will be produced only 500 copies, designed a special program of leasing dedicated to carefully selected customers in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Cars will be carefully observed, is practically covered by a big test for determining reliability under field conditions.
A-Class Mercedes E-Cell is an electric motor of 95 hp and 290 Nm.
The A-Class Mercedes E-Cell is the subject of a practical study: changes to the assembly line, this version is assembled in the same band electric models with conventional engines. The data obtained will be used for the development of future assembly lines, Daimler intends to invest 600 million euros in the next factory in Rastatt, which, in 2012, will be dedicated only electric cars.
A-Class Mercedes E-Cell is equipped with an electric motor powerful enough, showing that 95 hp and 290 Nm. Power is in the 1.6-liter gasoline engine, but with 150 Nm of torque is better, being practically the A 200 CDI version, which has 140 hp and 300 Nm.
Lithium-ion battery provides a maximum range of 200 km, loaded in 8 hours.
The electric motor is powered by two lithium-ion battery packs, placed the floor. On the one hand, they provide a lower center of gravity, improving stability of the machine. On the other hand, there was no need to change their major intervention, which led to lower growth in costs, but also help enhance the habitability and a 453-liter trunk.
Batteries have a total capacity of 36 kWh and can be fully charged in 8 hours at 230V power network. If we rely on a network with higher voltage, load time may fall even up to 3 hours.
Revision A-Class Mercedes E-Cell is assembled together with the normal pattern.
The performance announced for A-Class Mercedes E-Cell are promising: 5.5 seconds to start up to 60 km / h, while top speed is electronically limited to 150 km / h. Only autonomy remains a sore point, it to the maximum 200 km - as it emerged from tests conducted over 4.5 million miles before engineers.
How much will this version of A-Class Mercedes E-Cell, we do not know, but it is not important at this time. This is because only the next generation A-Class E-Cell will be produced in series to the public.
Only 500 copies of A-Class Mercedes E-Cell will be produced for a special leasing program.