20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Nissan GT-R by Axell

Nissan GT-R by Axell - Why not let the hand of a super car tuner vans What happens when a company specialized in modifying van-sized and luxury SUVs get acquainted with one of the most radical of super cars planet? You could say that something is impossible, but such a situation just happened in the fascinating world of tuning. The result? Nissan GT-R by Axell! Until the emergence of the phenomenon called Nissan GT-R, Japan's Axell focused its entire attention to the launch of tuning packages for luxury SUVs and even vans. But once the company's chairman of the Rising Sun Country put his hand on a copy of Godzilla, things started going crazy. And not necessarily in the right direction ... So, after going through those of Axell hand, the radical Nissan GT-R was shown before the whole world with an extremely wide-body kit as standard. As can be seen from these photographs, Japanese supercar boasts a new front bumper, equipped with large air intakes and LED upright. Also, the bonnet has been slightly redesigned, while the rear is distinguished by a new bumper with diffuser included, served with a huge spoiler for the trunk. But that's not all. In fact, the interesting part is just beginning. As if it had not received an issue quite aggressively, "lucky" Nissan GT-R was equipped with wing extensions, combined with a new set of side skirts. The final grade is on five-spoke design wheels with double, while red leather interior finished in matte black of the body . Unfortunately, those changes under the hood remains a mister.for the moment.