14 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

Oops Moment: Vitantonio Liuzzi Runs over F1 Marsh

The Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Malaysia last weekend gave spectators a pretty eventful race, with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel winning again, but one of the most memorable moments took place on Friday, during the final practice session. Hispania Racing Team driver Vitantonio Liuzzi had to stop the car outside the track because of technical problems, so he exited the single seater and went to the pits. The race marshals took over from there and started pushing the car to a safe location.
It wasn't a very safe move though, at least for one of the them that miscalculated his steps and ended up being run over by the car's left front wheel. Interestingly, the other marshals didn't stop pushing the car; on the contrary, they pushed even harder to overcome the unexpected human obstacle.
From what we can see, the F1 marshal got back on his feet straight away, so we're guessing he wasn't injured - at least not physically