20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Porsche 959

A legendary episode of the series arises machines today, and the main actor is none other than the impressive Porsche 959. Are you ready for a new car portion of history?Introduction In 1986, he won the title of fastest car. Throughout its production, was considered one of the most technologically advanced super sports car ever built and a real source of inspiration for future models. He was one of the first supercar that used a four-wheel drive system. Currently, each child a passion for cars can boast a poster of this car. In future, will remain a rare piece of collection and part of Porsche history.Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of the most impressive cars of the 80s - Porsche 959!But this is the end of our story. Legend says that in 1983 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and has appeared Porsche signed a car named "Gruppe B". New car manufacturer in Stuttgart put aside tradition and embrace the future: supercharged, six-cylinder engine with water cooled, six-speed manual transmission, AWD system and Double-Wishbone Suspension. Looking at these stunning details, one can say that the Porsche 959 at the time was a masterpiece of technology more than a practical car. From concept to reality two years later after the onset of the prototype "Gruppe B" at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the same room was host to a spectacular debut: Porsche 959 became a reality and only 200 copies were impressive supercar to be manufactured and sold - new car enough to be able to participate in motorsport. And the interesting part of the story yet to come: even at a price of $ 225,000, all units were sold in just a few weeks. But the Stuttgart manufacturer had no reason for joy: for every 959 items, estimating that Porsche was losing about $ 300,000. But the end result deserve. Hiding under the hood of a Porsche 959 six-cylinder boxer engine, twin turbo, with a capacity of 2.85 liters, which supply the driver with no more than 450 horsepower and 500 Nm. Combine this with a weight of nearly 1,500 pounds, a six-speed manual transmission and intelligent all-wheel drive system and will be submitted peformantele downright impressive acceleration from 0-100 km / h in just 4.1 seconds, acceleration from 0 to 200 km / h in just 13.4 seconds and a top speed exceeding 300 km / h. Sounds good for a car of the '80s, huh? But that's not all. Porsche 959 and boasts an exemplary aerodynamic, ultra-lightweight construction materials (including aluminum), Double-Wishbone Suspension with adjustable shocks, magnesium wheels, run-flat tires and even a tire pressure monitoring. Moreover, the German supercar was built in two different versions of equipment: Komfort model, equipped with all kinds of luxury amenities at the time (air conditioning, rear seats like those present on 911 seats and power windows) , and a Sport model to give up all this equipment to save almost 100 kilograms of weight. As we mentioned above and, Porsche 959 debuted world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985, but many problems have kept the German supercar on the production line more than a year. The first copies were delivered to customers only in 1987 and production ended in 1988. In total 337 units were produced, of which 37 are prototypes and preproduction models. But the story does not end here impressive 959. In 1992/1993, the Germans at Porsche have given birth to eight other new copies of the remaining parts factory in Zuffenhausen. All eight units have been produced in equipment version Komfort - four silver and four finished in red. Tuning In 2003, a company name Canepa Design has started tuning one of the few programs available for the already-impressive Porsche 959. By making changes to boost system, the evacuation and, last but not least, the control unit, the company has increased six-cylinder powertrain amounts to no less than 585 horsepower - enough for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4.0 and a top speed exceeding 320 km / h. A source of inspiration for future lessons learned from project All Porsche 959 - engine.