20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Samsung SM7

At Seoul Motor Show 2011 has been unveiled Samsung SM7 Concept, recently heralded a sketch-teaser. We are talking about a large sedan that could become even flagship Renault in Europe. 
Seoul Samsung SM7 Concept 2011 

Samsung SM7 real concept is not too far away-teaser sketch that Koreans have a publicity last week. Unfortunately, although it's pretty clear we're talking about a concept very close to the production model that will be launched in 2012, officials have been very stingy with information about the SM7. 

Samsung SM7 Concept quite closely prefigures the future of the 2012 series model 

As a style, Samsung SM7 is a large saloon with a nice design, no fireworks reminding aesthetic rather than Renault Latitude. 
In fact, SM7 technical platform is derived from the model inferiorSamsung SM5 (Latitude's counterpart in Korea), being longer and having a generous wheelbase. 
From a technical standpoint, we remain only at the stage of speculation, officials confirmed that Samsung SM7 part will benefit from top engines Nissan - SM7 previous generation, well sold in Korea, shared technical platform and many components with the Nissan Teana Sedan by example (model not sold in Europe). 

If not yet officially confirmed Samsung SM7 will have a correspondent in the Renault range 

Also, officials have not ruled on the export of any Samsung SM7, or more important to Europeans, whether it will be proposed as a flagship Renault on the old continent. If this happens, the main French competitor Renault SM7 counterpart will be the successor of Citroen C6.