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Traditional Vs. Plug in Hybrid Cars

Traditional Vs. Plug in Hybrid Carsthumbnail
Plug-in hybrids run on electricity for the first several miles.

Traditional cars run on gasoline, while hybrids use gasoline and battery power. Now plug-in hybrids have revolutionized hybrid technology, as they recharge via electrical outlets and run on electricity for the first several miles before expending gasoline.
  1. Power

    • Traditional cars run on gasoline with internal combustion engines, while hybrids run on gasoline and battery power with internal combustion engines and electric motors. Plug-in hybrids run on battery power for the first 10 to 40 miles before relying on gasoline.

    Fuel Efficiency

    • If traditional cars average 25 miles per gallon, hybrids average 45 and plug-in hybrids average 100 mpg. Compared with traditional cars and hybrids, plug-in hybrids run on the equivalent of less than $1 a gallon.


    • The California Air Resources Board claims that hybrid cars reduce greenhouse emissions by one-third and plug-in hybrids by two-thirds compared with traditional cars.


    • Due to the expense of batteries, hybrids cost several thousand dollars more than traditional cars, while plug-in hybrids cost an additional 10 to 20 percent, as of 2010, according to the California Cars Initiative.