20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Volvo Hot-Rod

Meet The Hot Rod Jakob Volvo Hot-Rod will present a hand-built, which will definitely star Gotegorg Volvo Museum. Inspired by the first Volvo car ever built OV4 model, which "saw the light of day" on 14 April 1927. Leif Jakob's manufacturer is Tufvesson, whose company, Caresto, began work on a model since 2005. OV4 old man has been studied in detail, and then reinterpreted by Leif, to fit somehow with trends today. With the hot rod-Jakob, Volvo celebrates 81 years since leaving the factory gates OV4. Hood, windshield and remained faithful to the original grille and bodywork is hand-built aluminum panels. In this respect, we have used the tools and '20s, the hammer and "English wheel". Jakob is still smaller than OV4 grandfather, and can carry only two passengers. It has huge wheels and hot rod as a backup. Modern technology has made ​​discreet place, Jakob with a carbon fiber chassis and special rubber carved with Volvo logo. The heart of any hot rod engine is without doubt. Jakob is powered by a Volvo T5 five-cylinder engine on ethanol. It is equipped with a turbine, which rounds the number to 265 hp horsepower and torque to 370 Nm. M90 gearbox is a five-speed manual.