12 Nisan 2011 Salı

Why Electric Cars Are Preferred Over Fuel Cars?


Considering the global warming and the rise of fuel prices almost every week has really paved a way to Electric cars. Also, it has caught the attention of leading car manufacturers who are now working on manufacturing new hybrid cars, apart from the electric cars. Electric cars from the top car makers such as Mitsubishi, Smart, Peugeot are now available in the market.Electric Cars UK
Range, was the biggest obstacle for these Electric cars and with the huge amount & manpower spent on the Battery cell research has finally found the solution to break this obstacle. New batteries are stronger, smaller, long lasting and recharging them are faster than before.
Time taken to recharge the batteries are a mere few minutes so that you can stop at some charging point, initiate the charge and when returning from lunch you’ll be good to go. Following is the list of advantages of Electric Cars and explain why they are preferred over the Fuel cars.

Advantages of Electric Cars

Electric Car Grants – The UK Government has announced $8000 Car Grant for the purchase of an Electric Car. Hence, you can save a good percentage of money when opting to buy an electric car.
Maintenance Cost – When comparing to the Fuel cars, expenses to maintain the parts of an Electric car are significantly cheaper. For instance, there are not much oil changes that you’d require in a Fuel car.
Clean Running Car – Electric cars are also known as ZEVs (Zero Emission Vehicles). There is no diesel or petrol or gas to burn that could pollute the atmosphere and hence you can’t expect the engine to get heated up. Electric Cars are 100%  Emission-free Cars.
Fuel Efficiency – Cost for producing, refining and transporting fuels are increasing everyday. This case is not same with producing electricity. There are plenty of renewable sources for electric power such as wind mills, solar panels, etc. If there is only one way to bring down the price of the fuels, then it must be by reducing its consumption.