20 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

gambar modifikasi motor


Harley Davidson handlebar Style modification
Simple Matic modification
Full Color Matic Modification
Elegant Matic Modify
Matic Cruiser Modification

Many of us who like to modify the motor (modif), but many were not. The average claim made like a hobby instead. Even many who eventually became a maniac modif. Conversely, unhappy modif modif consider dangerous and lead to cost more (wasteful).
In fact, almost all motorcycles have been modified a little or a lot. Maybe people do not realize has been done modif because motors are still the standard view. Though a number of components has changed. Replace spark plugs a stronger, substitute a more comfortable handlebar, replace the lamp model is more cute and light is a simple modif. Therefore, the importance of the modification is the purpose and function. A good goal modifications is to improve the performance and appearance of the motor so it is more secure, convenient, fast, and style.
A good modification would normally use after market or import of waste motor copotan a better quality. More quickly because of the modifications, both machine capacity can be maximized, or the ability to control (handling) is more optimized