28 Mart 2011 Pazartesi

Antique Car Show


This is a great attraction for any car lovers and is also an event that the younger crowd enjoys as well.OldCar

There will be a variety of vintage cars on display for your viewing pleasure.

        You will also see a variety of vehicles from the 60-70 and 80`s; and as well some more recent vehicles on display.

Regardless whether you just love old cars or want to take youself back to the muscle car days, you will enjoy our car show.
The car show will be held on July 10th starting at 12:00 noon  in the Marathon Center Mall parking lot close to A&W`s.
To celebrate the event A&W will be rolling back the time to the 60`s and wearing uniforms like you used to see at A&W back in the 60's.  if you like Nostalgia you dare not miss this event.  Take a look at the A&W logos from days gone by below.
1948 - Red & Black Bulls Eye Logo on white background. 
1961- Brown & Orange Bulls Eye Logo on white background.
1968 - Orange & Brown oval Logo on white background. 
1995 - Return to Orange & Brown Oval Logo on white. 

You could see vehicles like shown below in our picture gallery.Click on a thumbnail pic below to view a larger image.
The winners for the classic car show. 1st  -  Fred Hatfield -1923 Model T Bucket
1st  -  Rick and Pam Chevrier -1947 Willys CJ2A
2nd -  Bill and Marilyn Chapman -1956 Dodge Royal
2nd -  John and Wendy McGregor -1959 Ford Retractable
3rd -  Ron and Jackie Jung -1974 Corvette
3rd -  Aaron Greco - 2010 Chevrolet Camaro