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Chevrolet Car Brings Back Memories

antique chevrolet carThe Chevrolet car is named after one of the two founders of the company that first manufactured the cars that carry this brand name. Louis Chevrolet was a race car driver who also designed cars. His designs were some of the best of his time. This company started providing cars as far back as 1911. The first cars were built to compete with those from the Ford Motor Company including the car called the Model T. Cars bearing the name of Chevrolet are still manufactured by General Motors, and the antique Chevrolet cars are admired. Some of the antique Chevrolet cars are from various times in the history of this brand. Any car over the age of twenty-five years is considered an antique or classic car. Most of the antique car enthusiasts group these cars in two distinct categories. Cars built and sold before World War II usually go into one group while the other cars are put into the second group. There are some marvelous antique Chevrolet cars available from each of these two groups. There are some beautiful antique Chevrolet cars from the 1920’s that are in mint condition and they are easy to drive.

Popular Antique Chevrolet Cars Include Roadsters And Corvettes

The glorious name Chevrolet is used on cars that are very different. There are antique Chevrolet cars that are sleek Corvettes and there are also pickup trucks. There are antique Chevrolet cars that are called “Roadster” and “Tourer”. The antique cars from Chevrolet are sought after by collectors from around the world. Some of these cars carry two passengers, but there are some classic station wagons as well. The antique Chevrolet cars come in many different colors, and some of these antiques cars are considered to be luxury cars because of their use and value when new.