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Antique Ford Trucks


Antique Ford TruckI love antique Ford Trucks. Ford has produced some of the best and highest quality trucks and cars on the market for many, many years. Over time, some of these models of trucks have become quite rare and valuable. From this, the cars have developed a high collectible value and there are quite a number of people in the market for collecting antique Ford trucks. It’s amazing the number of people I talk to that want an old Ford Truck. Inspired by their experiences with themselves or their Grandparents, they see buying one as a way to reconnect with their past. Of course, collecting is not the same as taking care of antique Ford trucks.

Taking Care of Antique Ford Trucks

Clearly, it is not wise to drive a car that is 80 years old out on the highway. This would be an incredible risk to a highly valuable and rare car. Of course, if the car is operational it can be driven on standard roads. Often, however, most people keep antique cars in storage or transport them for display at cars shows. Regardless, special attention must be made so as not to harm or damage the cars. Of course, if some damage does occur to the car, then the need to repair the car becomes a major priority. It would be criminal to allow these rare cars to slip into neglect.

Parts for Antique Ford Trucks

If you are a collector of antique Ford trucks and the particular model you own is quite old (perhaps you are an owner of a rare 1917 model), there will come a time when you need to replace a part. Even if you keep the car mostly on display, there will always be the possibility of exterior damage to the car occurring as well. As such, there will be a need to locate a distributor for the replace parts are items. Luckily, there are distributors who do supply such parts. However, what must be understood it the fact that the dealer may not have such a rare item in stock and there may be a lengthy amount of time required to find a replacement part. In fact, it could take months. After all, how many distributors will have a fender in stock for a 1917 car? Or, more accurately, a replica part as many of the original parts will have long since been destroyed or lost over the years.
Despite the difficulties, I think you’ll find that the difficulties associated with just the right part for your truck will become part of the appeal. After all, owning and restoring an antique automobile should be just as much about the journey as it is about the car.