27 Mart 2011 Pazar

useful information about cars

How your car on the car you Elective?
what you want when buying a car, the right decision. (For example, your choice of two-person open-top car that actually need something seven-seat van and that business is business, after passing the difference, do not!)
1 How big a cabinet you need, the rear seats a Do or a five-seat car, even Do you come tight?
2 Do you need a big trunk? If you do not have to just once a week?
3 How do you use a car? Short distances within a city, or the highway would make long journeys? Your second option is more powerful and comfortable is the right choice.
4 performance, how important to you? Can you live with the 1.4 liter three-year, or enough for at least 2.0 liters? 5 How important is security to you? The highest number of possible airbag (air bag) and Euro NCAP stars would look to do?