27 Mart 2011 Pazar



car from past, to carrying people and loads of injured or non-motorized wheeled motor vehicles of all kinds. Non-motorized ones are carried by animals or people. Czech çek'ler, man power walking trolleys, carts, oxen and buffaloes with coach, coach, briska, mugs and similar cars are jumping out. In Belgium, the Netherlands, and goats were running cars are also lighter. Cars BC In 3000, after years of sliding wheels and is thought to occur. The first age people (the Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Assyrian) behind the open two-wheeled chariots used during this period about the votive statues be seen. Two-wheel and barred the cars BC In the 2000 war, the purpose of the Hittites made. Phrygians, Greeks and Romans, and steep mountainous areas of the car wheels to prevent tipping from opening up holes in the road that goes parallel to each other is known. 9 century, from the trolley