20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Land Rover Freelander SE SD4


We tested the Land Rover Freelander SE facelift SD4 .
Land Rover Freelander has undergone a discreet facelift. Some visual details have changed, but the monkeys SUV Land Rover is better than ever. Land Rover Freelander facelift is a very new model. It is available for sale for some time. I managed to put to the test one day I went cold and snow. I found much more to the mountain a little white and I put the Freelander up to their necks in snow. Not protest, and even liked. We are dealing with the latest developments Freelander. It is a facelift that modified rear spoiler and front and brought mangling frames tinted taillights in the rear. Plus something bigger mirrors and alloy wheels with new design. A classic look .The new grille is a member of the Freelander 2 Land Rover seamlessly integrated into the family. In addition it gives a little more bourgeois tinge but otherwise the car is identical to what we used. Freelander 2 is one of the leaders of the SUV class. Does off-roader abilities true Land Rover pedigree grace and skillful enough dynamics. There is one 2.2-liter diesel engine comes in two variants of power now. TD4 designated models have 150 hp while offering 190 hp logo SD4. The latter was present in our test. The Land Rover diesel engines now meet Euro 5 emission standards. In addition to the diesel engine with two power supply versions of Land Rover Freelander 2 there is also a six-cylinder petrol engine. I6 named, has 3.2 liters and offering 233 horsepower. Our model came SD4 190 hp fitted with automatic gearbox with six gears and SE trim level. Sufficiently well-equipped, only thing missing was the navigation system and color display that is only a tip in top center console models. But we can cope without him. The good part is that there DACS large display, we have instead a generous storage space.