20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Range Rover Sport Facelift


Range Rover Sport Facelift - Test in Scotland 
The new Range Rover Sport is stronger and more dynamic than ever. We drove in Scotland motoareV8 new petrol and diesel new three-liter supercharged flagship but now with 510 hp. 

Range Rover - more formal and elegant. Range Rover Sport - it's sporty and sophisticated. Land Rover Discovery - more premium and relevant. So Land Rover officials describe three new full-size SUV's mark launched to the international press in Scotland and already available in Romania. 

I said "new models" for such positions to LR, but for that mark history, a facelift has not been as well-intentioned and clearly pronounced. The tests were present in the UK 4 and RRS Discovery, with all three engines in November: three-liter diesel engine, aspirated V8 with 375 hp and five-liter supercharged's 510 hp engine which I have just tested and under the hood of the XF-R (see test in the magazine on page 50). The smallest change after this facelift has suffered Range Rover, whose first test we will implement in Romania very soon. 
We return to the Range Rover Sport, for Romania, is the most successful model of the mark. 2009 RRS is the country's best-selling LR with 65 units sold up in August, and in 2008, increasing to launch year, 2007 was 80%. 

Since it was launched, clearly surpassed RRS Range Rover, becoming one of the most popular SUVs in Romania, powering our country third in Europe in sales ranking model (225 units in 2008). It is clear therefore that the new RRS is expected and that, despite all difficulties, will attract the attention of many customers in its segment. 

LR officials acknowledge a truth that we all observed and led to the company's decision to change the strong pattern: most customers have recognized that the first model looks like a Range Rover RRS authentic, very successful abroad, but at 
Inside, something else than a Range Rover. Ouch! I think that hurt. But just because the truth hurts. Always. 
Here we have a new interior for the RRS. 

The dashboard is completely new, with everything that means. Buttons, switches, systems, infotainment, entertainment, air conditioning, instruments panel, etc.. The door panels have been redesigned completely. 

Interior design is now more "Range Rover". Choked center console has been dropped dozens of buttons, controls now being ventilated and ergonomically placed and drawn.Board instrumentation is simple, with two large clocks, tachometer and speedometer and a huge display between them, which are displayed the most important information and which can be configured via some machine settings.
The rest are visible or can be set centrally via a color display, with modern graphics and touchscreen. 

Quality has become the main asset of the interior of RRS. Cheap plastics finally disappeared, replaced with aluminum and wood inlays look much more elegant and "solid", with a plastic soft.