4 Haziran 2011 Cumartesi

big scooter matic

Scooter Matic Modification - Jap Style MotorCycle

Scooter Matic Modification - Jap Style MotorCycle

Jap Style MotorCycle

(Modif) Jap's Style Bike

The flow of this time we discussed is the flow of Jap style in the motor. In Japan there are two wheels enthusiasts who want to look stylish, especially the young people modify their bikes to be more precise is a modern classic for classic. Although the body such as the motor of worms in the first Jabrix Tarix movie playing in theaters breathing Indonesia, but for older machines because the machine is not that they modif motor bike is not old school but the latest release of its 250an cc! . : D That's why it can be called a classic but modern.

The Japanese people are not breathing out of ideas amid the sophistication and to modernnan their city. indeed without the classic motor feels less salt. hehe. Indonesia is different modifiers to the contrary, modern contrived jadul motor plus either the fairing or apalahh .. back to topic. Jap Style is usually characterized by a tank khaskan CB, show frame-frame vehicle and the vehicle frame must embrace the swing arm like about the framework on the Yamaha Scorpio, CB and rear lights are in spakbor rear monoshock but Dualshock also not haram, a short exhaust , alloy wheels wrapped fingers gambot tires, a small lamp in front so impressed luchu: D. overall this modification in order to look more and more minimalist and elegant