25 Mart 2011 Cuma

2011 Honda CR-Z

This is the Honda CR-Z, Honda's new two-seat hybrid-powered sports coupe, which many see as the spiritual successor to Honda's legendary CRX. The CR-Z's hybrid powertrain uses a larger engine than the system found in Honda's Insight and Civic Hybrid (1.5 liters vs. 1.3); total output is 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft, and the CR-Z is the first hybrid car in several years to offer a manual transmission. EPA fuel economy estimates are 31 MPG city/37 MPG highway for the manual-transmission CR-Z, 36/38 for the continuously-variable automatic. Read more about the 2011 CR-Z in my 2011 Honda CR-Z test drive and review.


2011 Honda CR-Z front-right viewHonda CR-Z from the front2011 Honda CR-Z front viewHonda CR-Z from the front2011 Honda CR-Z rear viewHonda CR-Z from the back2011 Honda CR-Z interiorInterior - driver's side
2011 Honda CR-Z interiorInterior - passenger's side2011 Honda CR-Z engineHybrid powertrain2011 Honda CR-Z dashboardDash detail2011 Honda CR-Z front seatDriver's seat
2011 Honda CR-Z package shelfThis isn't a seat!2011 Honda CR-Z rear seat warningPackage shelf warning sticker2011 Honda CR-Z cargo bayCargo bay, divider up2010 Honda CR-Z cargo bayCargo bay, divider down