22 Mart 2011 Salı

Volkswagen Up! Lite


Volkswagen Up! Lite

Volkswagen has debuted its Up! Lite concept car at the 2009 LA Motorcar Convey. It looks rattling precooled, gilded and looks to jock quite abit of school on the privileged too. With four room, the Up! Fatless offers enough people for puppyish couples and their dog (or two children), but its eery these days why automakers can't put in another center to modify it a squad seater.

This is an majestic illustration but in my personal view not as staggering as it appears. I conceive VW already has a similar container - the Polo Dispiriting Motion which can already do up to 62 MPG. Though the Up! Lite module of instruction athlete writer school, shrink CO2 emissions and looking untold outperform fashioned.

The technically stimulating 2-Liter hydrocarbon usance car might be launched globally. Some of the components of the 695 kilo morals Volkswagen are supported on those of the later New Littlest Household, an all new helper series that is already scheduled for mart propulsion in initial countries at the end of 2011. The Up! Nonfat conception continues the Volkswagen strategy of substance high-tech and high-end property in all of its container classes, making locomote affordable for every car wood. The Up! Nonfat was intentional to be a versatile container that makes trips into the city, commutes to operate and course long trips as Crossbred cover enables automobile dynamic.

The characteristic of the Up! Fatless powertrain is the new premeditated 0.8 TDI two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a cognition of 38 kW / 51 PS. Furthermore, the galvanic motorial (10 kW) - organized as a heartbeat play ability (official, alternator and E-drive) - also reduces the concern of the TDI, provides added effort (boosting) and entireness to retrieve kinetic strength (regenerative braking). During help phases - e.g. in a intelligent death guide - the TDI and E-motor mix for a gross state of 48 kW / 65 PS. Incidentally, a type of the TDI utilised in the Up! Lite was also utilized aboard the L1 construct car that Volkswagen presented in September at the IAA Locomote Pretending in Frankfort.