22 Mart 2011 Salı

Yamaha R1 LED Tail Light

Ipotesi Yamaha T-Max 750 2010
According to Motociclismo.es Yamaha has started projects for a three cylinder engine for a new development on its sports T-Max 500 scooter.
The development is taking place on the current engine base: the T-Max 500 cc twin cylinder, with a third piston rod with anti-vibration function. That third rod would subsequently make way for a full-blown third cylinder, increasing power to 750cc.
With the necessary modifications, the new three cylinder engine would be integrated onto the scooter with no problems, while the final transmission would be strengthened to match the greater power output. Suspension would also be updated.
The new Yamaha scooter would then be called T-Max 750 and could be ready for presentation come autumn. Production and sales are planned for the end of 2010. The images in this post are from designer J.M Guerin.