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Minerva 250cc Sport Bike


Minerva 250cc Sport Bike
After a year ago, precisely May 31, 2008 by PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) released the Kawasaki Ninja 250R create their own euphoria among bikers will thrill ride moge but still legal.

PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) as a brand motorcycles ATPM Minerva tried to offer something different compared to the Ninja 250R. The first official price is more friendly, With a budget of less than 30 million dollars you can bring home a clean motorcycles 247 cc capacity was.

In terms of appearance, it is clear that thick smell of Europe. Framework of a plain color grille with a characteristic blue bike from the mainland. Minerva's beginning to make the motor in cooperation with a German manufacturer of motorcycles, Sachs. The most obvious is MadAss. But the boom is the most artificial motor instead of neighboring countries, namely R150. Contempt could not stop the rate of sales of motor copy of the Honda CBR 150. But the unique, this type does not carry Sachs frills Minerva in other words only. Similarly, tracing the legendary motorcycle 200 cc capacity, made also by the Minerva with a little bit like a T200.

Minerva is a creative step deserves thumbs up. With 3 different types of full-fairing sport bike 250R 28.9 million, naked bike 250S 25.9 million, and supermoto with a 250M dibanderoli 26.9 million. Prices are on the road in Jakarta. Base enginenya no different when observed with the other one, which distinguishes the sleeve. Enginenya themselves tracked local motor manufacturers made Thailand, Tiger. Design of Megelli (UK), installed some framenya allows the engine capacity ranging from 50 to 250 cc. So what distinguishes it so flexible is the engine cradle. However, the third this bike assembled in Indonesia.

Moge typical design, price friendly, although the machine is not known what kind of reliability. Let's see, what with the creation of this Minerva is able to achieve public sympathy?

Engine Type: SOHC, Air Cooled with Advanced Balancer Shaft
Bore x Stroke (mm): 72.5 x 59.8
Displacement (cc): 247
Compression Ratio: 11,2:1
Carburettor Type: MV 30 P
Max Power (Hp / RPM): 20.5 / 8500
Max Torque (NM / RPM): 18/6000
Lubrication System: Forced & Wet Sump
Clutch: Wet Type & Multi Plates
Gear Transmission: 5 Speed
Gear Shift Pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5
Gear Ratio: 1st - 2.769
2nd - 1.722
3rd - 1.318
4th - 1.125
5th - 0.962